Create beautiful effects with diffused natural light.

Window Shades

When trying to decide between blinds and window shades, here are some important distinctions:

  • Blinds are usually made of harder material like wood or metal. Window Shades are made of a variety of materials but tend to be softer and are constructed with fabrics and woven fibers.
  • Blinds control light by rotating the slats or by pulling them to the side or top. Shades can either be light blocking or sheer to give you more light-control options.
  • Window Shades are made as a continuous roll but can be closed top to bottom, bottom to top or both.

You will have hundreds of design options when selecting window shadings with new looks and materials being available each season! Whether you want to layer sheer fabrics, or select a bold patterned shade, you will be amazed at the options you can select from our Hunter Douglas Gallery store. The operating systems are just as varied, with basic hand-operated shades to completely automated app-controlled motorized solutions. Come and visit us at Window Solutions and our experienced design team will help you find the perfect window shade solution.

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Well-designed window fashions do more than simply cover a window. At Hunter Douglas, form and function are inseparable.

Great design is beautiful to live with, provides variable light control, insulates rooms against heat and cold while saving energy, protects your furnishings from damaging UV rays, and even absorbs sound, improving the acoustics in a room. And, our advanced operating systems make using our window shades a pleasure every day.

Now that’s artful window dressing.

Energy Efficiency

Up to 50% of your home’s heating and cooling energy can be lost through your windows. Hunter Douglas is an industry leader in making a big energy savings difference at the window.

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Cellular Shades

Duette® Honeycomb

Duette® Honeycomb Shades feature the most expansive selection of fabrics, colors, design options and operating systems in the industry. With their legendary energy efficiency and ability to fit a wide range of specialty window types and shapes, Duette shades offer a truly custom level of comfort.

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The Alustra® Collection of Duette® Architella®

These honeycomb shades fuse function with style. Unique fabrics are layered together in the Architella construction to create a distinctive look with superb energy efficiency bringing stunning practicality to each room in your home.

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Duette® Architella®

Their honeycomb-within-a-honeycomb design offers energy savings in both winter and summer. Choose from the largest selection of fabrics, colors and pleat sizes. Vertiglide™ options also available.


Applause® honeycomb shades offer a streamlined selection of fabrics, colors and operating systems, including Vertiglide™. The only honeycomb shades with energy-efficient, triple-cell construction.

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Pleated Shades

Liven up your space with bold, modern colors and patterns that range from orange to blue to every color in between. Either way, these pleated shades add a lot of character.

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Sheers and Shadings


Silhouette® shadings feature soft adjustable fabric vanes that appear to be floating between two sheer fabric panels that beautifully diffuse harsh sunlight. Simply tilt the vanes to achieve your desired level of light and privacy.

The Alustra® Collection of Silhouette®

The Alustra® Collection of Silhouette® shadings are beautifully crafted from an exclusive selection of textured front sheers, metallic accented vanes and hardware finishes offering stylish innovations to elevate your home.

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For wide windows and sliding doors,  Luminette® Privacy Sheers come in an array of sheer and drapery-like fabrics for unlimited light-control and privacy options.

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Pirouette® shadings feature soft fabric vanes attached to a sheer backing that appear to be floating, drawing natural light into your room. When closed, they look just like a contemporary shade.

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The Alustra® Collection of Pirouette®

Combining function with beauty, The Alustra® Collection of Pirouette® shadings offer refined texture and subtle sheen creating a captivating ambiance as sunlight filters into the room.

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Nantucket ™

Nantucket™ shadings offer a streamlined selection of operating systems and soft sheers. Both stylish and sensibly priced, these shadings feature 3″ vanes that tilt for effective light control.

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Roman Shades


Vignette® Modern Roman Shades feature consistent folds and no exposed rear cords, keeping windows uncluttered. Choose from different fold styles and sizes, and a horizontal or vertical orientation.

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The Alustra® Collection of Vignette®

The dramatic look of The Alustra® Collection of Vignette® Modern Roman Shades make a room. Exclusive fabrics, rich textures and a finished look with no exposed cords make these shades a defining fashion statement.

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Design Studio ™

Design Studio™ Roman shades come in a wide variety of timeless fabrics like cotton, silk and linen. Available in four distinct styles. Customize even further with tapes, trims and complementary valances.

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Made of woven and non-woven fabrics, Solera® Soft Shades create a fluid, sculpted look. The only soft shades with cellular construction, they also lend both light-filtering and room-darkening options.

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Roller Shades


Sonnette™ Cellular Roller Shades gently diffuse light through an innovative curved shape; providing ambiance and character while dispersing light to all angles of the room.

Designer Roller Shades

Our Designer Roller Shades combine the ease and simplicity of a roller shade with hundreds of fabric choices – sheers to opaques, patterns to textures, and traditional solid colors.

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Designer Screen Shades

For excellent UV protection while maintaining your view of the outdoors, our Designer Screen Shades are available in varying levels of opacity. Offering light control, color and style – a perfect shade for your patio or sunroom.

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Woven Woods


Hand-woven from versatile, light-filtering reeds, grasses and woods, our Provenance® Woven Wood Shades come in four styles and transform sunlight into captivating design statements.

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The Alustra® Collection of Woven Textures®

An innovative alternative to woven woods and solar screens, The Alustra® Collection of Woven Textures® artfully blend unique fibers and sophisticated design to create distinctive light filtering fabrics.

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